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Highland Quarters | Friendsgiving Activities

1. Create appropriate headwear. You know we’re all about flower crowns at Brit HQ, but we’re loving the more seasonal spin with this leaf crown. Giant dinner + whimsical dress-up = win. Set up a little DIY station and see what sort of headwear or beard-wear your besties come up with. (via A Beautiful Mess)

friendsgiving potluck

2. Share the wealth: One of the most stressful things about big holiday dinners is the pressure to host the whole thing, from prep to table. You need production calendars, ideally a second oven, and three extra sets of hands. Not so with Friendsgiving! You roast the bird and let your buds bring the rest, potluck-style. Then, let them go around the table and present their dish. Make them really sell it and brag about their sweet cooking skills. (via Brit + C0)

thanksgiving coloring

3. Caravan Draw Together Thanksgiving Set ($12): Print out an epic tablecloth that you can color in, or just put butcher paper, crayons, and paints on the table and let your friends go to town decorating. We bet they wouldn’t even be opposed to making turkeys with their handprints.

football tablescape

4. Throw the pigskin: Ah, the great American tradition of Thanksgiving day football. We’re all about getting down and dirty with some flag football, but if you and your pals aren’t the most athletic bunch, you can also get in the spirit with a fun themed tablescape. (Brit + Co)

charlie brown christmas

5. Stream A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving ($10): Age is just a number, and the Peanuts gang will live in our hearts forever. Watch the movie on the big screen with all your friend and reminisce about Thanksgivings from your younger days.

wine cheers glasses getty images

6. Play a Thanksgiving’s Day Parade drinking game: When it comes to the Macy’s parade, some things are a given: There will be a marching band from the Midwest, there will be floats, and there will likely be some country star wearing a cowboy hat. Lay out the rules, and then get ready to do some pre-dinner drinking. If you want to save that valuable stomach real estate for food, make it a workout game rather than a drinking game. Think jumping jacks, burpees, and plank (while you’re doing that, we’ll be sipping our wine in the corner, thank you very much). (via Cookies + Sangria)

thanksgiving diy tablescape

7. Remember what you’re thankful for: Take time to go around the table with your friends and give a little ode to your awesome year. (via Kristi Murphy)

8. Hit a piñata ($19): By now it’s been established: Piñatas make any party better. It’s a good way to get in some belly laughs to shake off some of that turkey. Just remember: Blindfolding is essential.

9. Play board games ($6): If you’re too full to swing a stick around, board games or card games are always a safe bet. Maybe playing Cards Against Humanity might seem slightly wrong on this most thankful of days, but we do promise that it will be fun. You can even get in the spirit of the upcoming season by adding in the Holiday Pack ($6).

10. Leave room for a pie bar: Let’s be honest; we’re really all here for the pie. Invite each guest to bring a family favorite, provide toppings (hello, whipped cream), and dig in. (via Brit + Co)


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